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Intellectual property is important for many start-up and early-stage companies, especially those that are innovation-forward or technology-based. Yet often these businesses do not know they have protectable IP and, even when they do, put off developing an IP strategy. In light of the constraints of time, capital, and attention needed to build a company, it’s easy for IP to slip between the cracks. 

But not identifying IP and devising a strategy is a missed opportunity to create value. Done thoughtfully, identifying and protecting a company’s inventions early can cost less than ultimately having to spend money on protecting IP down the road and responding to IP assertions by competitors. So it’s well worth start-ups to find the time to devise a patent strategy before they miss out.

My colleagues at Quinn Emanuel have written up an insightful note that demystifies the basics of patent strategy. If you’re part of an early-stage company considering if and how to protect your intellectual property, it’s well worth a read: you can find the full article here.

Written by:

John B. Quinn