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Yesterday, Ukraine reached a pivotal milestone in its legal battle with Russia, which Quinn Emanuel is proud to support. On June 23, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine filed to the European Court of Human Rights the first part of its substantive submissions concerning Russia’s violations of the European Convention on Human Rights in Ukraine. 

The filing addresses Russia’s violations of the Convention, starting from the onset of its invasion on February 24, 2022 until the effective withdrawal of Russian ground forces from around Kyiv and other cities in Northern Ukraine on April 7, 2022. Russia’s violations after this date will be addressed by Ukraine in subsequent filings. Ukraine’s application seeks an end to the military aggression launched by Russia and full redress on behalf, and for the benefit, of all individual victims of Russia’s conduct, embracing all natural and legal persons affected.

We are deeply appreciative that Ukraine has entrusted Quinn Emanuel with the conduct of this momentous claim, which was empowered by the excellent and unstinting support of the individual barrister teams led by Tim Otty QC and Guglielmo Verdirame QC, as well as the team at Asters law firm.

To learn more about this pivotal moment, you can read the press release from Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, or check out Quinn Emanuel’s full statement here

Written by:

John B. Quinn